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Do you want to take your leadership to another level? Do you see yourself, your team, your business bumping up against limitations that you'd like to breakthrough? Do you want to move beyond leadership models and theories? Are you ready to find a new and easier way?

To remember and apply leadership models and theories takes a lot of mental energy. No model or theory is infallible, so it doesn't always work out how you intend. Yet within you is an innate leadership capability. It's natural and effortless and will give you much greater chance of being a successful leader. 

When you transcend your current mind view, you raise your level of consciousness and you access greater wisdom. You realise what it will take to move yourself, your team and your business forward in a way that might currently be beyond your dreams. You break the boundaries of your innocently self-imposed or accepted limitations. 

In the quiet recesses of your mind, lies a mostly untapped source of wisdom. In this programme we help you to uncover this resource. With this wisdom you are a natural leader. 

From Quiet

From this quiet wisdom, you will realise your fullest capability and go beyond any level of success that you've dreamed of. 

Greater Yet

The experience

What can I expect?

The programme comprises six 90 minute webinars and two 1-1 sessions. The 1-1s are conducted on line before the start and after the end of the programme.

The programme is relaxed and chilled out. There are no models or theories to learn, nothing to write down or remember, nothing to practice or apply. The underpinning philosophy behind the programme is a Quiet Mind. We will share an understanding that has resulted in people all over the world finding more peace and inner wisdom. The understanding itself makes the changes happen, with no effort on your part.

The programme is bespoke. It is organic. Each webinar will be responsive to your needs. We will share articles that have been written especially for the programme and that are not available elsewhere. We will share useful links that will build on whatever has been discussed in the webinars.    

"Maria and Ash had a lovely relaxed way of delivering the sessions and engaging with the group and they articulated the messages really well. I also enjoyed sharing my understanding with the group. Listening to what others took from each session helped deepen my understanding. I wasn’t expecting to learn something that would change my life but it really has."

Helen Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Troy Business Services Ltd

We had a lot of fun recording the video about our online programme. It took quite a few takes to get it right. We thought we'd share the fun with you. Here's the outtakes from that recording for your entertainment. 

Who should attend?

  • Are you a leader in any context?
  • Do you want to move beyond leadership models and theories?
  • Would you like leadership to be something that comes more naturally to you?
  • Would you like a simple understanding about how the mind works, that could change your leadership for the better, for ever, without effort?

Our Facilitators

Ashley Wood

"I look forward to sharing this understanding with you. It is a privilege to see leaders being positively impacted so quickly and easily. Without having to do anything your leadership can be transformed. It really is far easier than you imagine."

Maria Iliffe-Wood

"I loved seeing and hearing leaders describe the programme as 'life changing'. Hearing how their leadership was transformed with no effort on their part. A simple understanding made all the difference. I can't wait to hear how the programme impacts you. Please join us."

What our clients say...

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I’ve previously taken part in other leadership programmes, but this one wasn’t anything like those. It was more about me as a person rather than learning proven techniques or how I should behave. I wasn’t expecting to learn something that would change my life but it really has. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Helen Fitzgerald
Managing Director, Troy Business Services

I became conscious that things were changing, I was influencing others more, and I could relate the changes back to the sessions. It kept developing week on week. I have more feeling of contentment in my personal life and in my work.

Mirella Barnes
Business Development Manager

It's been a transformational journey.

Credit Manager

It's been an amazing journey.

Gareth Yeo
Head of Group Programme Management

The insights I had around the true nature of thought and how much attention I needlessly pay to them will be something that will stay with me for life. The great thing has been life after the event – the conversations have left a mark and have changed how I approach situations that would have previously kicked my brain into overdrive.

Claire Allsopp

What happens next?

The next programme will start in September 2019. If you would like to register your interest, or ask us anything before you decide whether to join, please fill in the contact form, further down the page. We'd be very happy to talk to you.

To join us for the next programme, once the dates have been announced, here's what to do:


Complete the registration from below with your contact details. The password you submit will be used to set up your individual access to the recordings of the webinars. An invoice will be sent to you for immediate payment.


On receipt of payment we will contact you to arrange your first 1-1 session.

In this session we want to get to know you a little and learn how you would like to benefit from the programme. We will start to share the understanding of the Three Principles and what we mean by From Quiet Greater Yet. 


We will send links to a video conference app for all six dates, so that you have the sign in details for each webinar. You will also be registered (using the password in your registration form) to use the Log in on this website. From the Log in you will be able to access the recordings of the webinars, and further resources that are exclusive to you as an online participant.

Stories From Our Clients...

"It's about not thinking"

Mirella Barnes
Business Development Manager

Programme Prices...

Event Price
Be a Natural Leader. Online programme. Start date 4th March 2019 (excludes VAT) £475.00

Join us on a Journey

A journey to easier leadership, natural leadership. Are you ready for an easy journey to great leadership? A journey that you don't need to plan, rehearse, map out, or work at. 

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