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 me&dee Team Challenge

We’re on a mission to help a really important and inspiring charity. The charity is me&dee and they help families have a holiday together to create special memories. Families with children or adults who have a life threatening, life shortening or a terminal condition.

me&dee need to raise £150,000 by the end of October 2019 for them to achieve their 20/20 vision which is to buy a lodge in Sherwood Forest for families to create special memories. Their aim is to have their first family stay in the lodge this Christmas. 

To help make this dream a reality we are holding a competitive, but fun, inter-company team challenge at the beautiful Thoresby Park in Nottinghamshire. 

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The Challenge....

The challenge requires teams to complete a series of outdoor team tasks around a route, approximately the size of a 9 hole golf course, within Thoresby estate. The challenges will require the team to work well together in fun, unusual and stretching situations.  It will require collaboration, trust, creativity and problem-solving skills. You can enter an actual team or a team put together just for this event. 

The me&dee team challenge trophy will be awarded to the winning team to display for one year. Winning team members will be awarded a smaller version of the trophy.  All teams will receive a digital photo of their team at the event and a personal memento from the day. 

The cost per team is £1500. Every single penny is paid directly to me&dee and is classed as a charitable donation.  

Who should join in? 

  • A team that already works together and wants to build their team working relationship
  • A group of people who work in the same organisation that it would be helpful for working relationships if they got to know each other better
  • People who enjoy a variety of challenges that are stimulating, challenging and fun 
  • People who want to support this worthwhile cause.

If this is you then join us

Other ways to support me&dee

If you are unable to join us on the day, perhaps you will consider supporting the charity in one of the following ways: 

Sponsor the Event. We have a range of sponsorship packages from £500 - please contact us for more details. 

Buy a square of the lodge from £50 - £200

Make a donation – any amount to suit your pocket – every little helps 

me&dee appreciate every single donation that is made to support their cause.

Most of us take holidays for granted but for the people that me&dee support, a holiday is so far away as a possibility, but so much needed. Please help me&dee continue to enable these families to create special memories.  

Team Challenge Prices...

Event Price
me&dee Team Challenge event £1500.00