Edit programme

Do the words 'edit process' fill you with dread?  

 Any book worth its salt has been revised and edited to take it from the raw version that landed on the page at the outset, to the sculpted, crafted masterpiece that is the published version. As a novice writer this process can seem scary, and you might feel that it is something that should be done by someone with far more experience and knowledge than you have.

If you engage an editor in the process, it will help your book a lot. However, there is a lot that you can do for yourself, that could save you money when the time comes to involve an editor.

How to do a first edit of your book, blog or article. 

This programme is designed to help you become more comfortable with the editorial process and teach you some skills that can get you started on the editing process yourself. 

All courses related to writing and publishing a book can now be found on

Maria Iliffe-Wood's author website. 

The Experience........

During the programme we will: 

  • Explain and discuss the different types of editing available: Structural/Developmental, Copy/Line editing, Proof-reading. 
  • Explore some basic principles of editing that you can apply as you write your book
  • Provide individual feedback about a couple of 500 word pieces of writing
  • Discuss the principles behind the individual feedback with the group, so everyone learns from the experience.
  • Undertake activities to help you to self-edit your work. 
  • How to ask Beta-readers for quality feedback about your writing. 

The programme consists of 6 online, 90 minute sessions. 


Who should attend? 

  • You've been writing for a while but never edited your work (whether that's a book, articles or blogposts).
  • You've started writing your book and realise that it needs some work, but don't know where to start. 
  • You've tried to edit your written work and would like some further guidance.

If any of these sound like you then, this programme may be right up your street. 

Our Facilitators

Maria Iliffe-Wood

Maria is the author of Daily Yarns, Riding the Lockdown Roller Coaster of Emotions and Coaching Presence, Building Consciousness and awareness into Coaching Interventions. She has written another book, A Caged Mind, which she is now preparing to publish. She has been a coach for over thirty years.
In this programme Maria combines her coaching and writing skills to help you to write the best book that you can write.

What our clients say...

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Maria's editing is delivered with honesty and compassion. Through gentle prompting and Maria's flexible approach I got to realise that my voice was not being heard in the articles I had written. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and encouraged to challenge my thinking always knowing that this was for my benefit. The edited work got changed and so did my approach to future writing. I recommend an early review for the best benefit.Thank you Maria.

Kev Urwin
Boater, Hatter, Amateur Golfer and Retired Coach

It was so helpful for me to see a piece of my work edited. I have much more clarity around what to look out for and see how relatively small changes can make a huge difference in finding my voice.

Judy Nahkies

I came to the program with one book written, one book started, and one percolating in my mind. I wasn't sure where to focus my attention and therefore wasn't making progress on any of them. With Maria's thoughtful, patient guidance I am not only focused on what to work on, I also have a vision that is larger, more authentic, and inspiring than where I started.

Christine Blehm-Higgins

Programme Dates

Tuesday, 4pm - 5.30pm UK time from 3rd November till 8th December 2020.  

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