Group Coach Supervision: Online

Do you want to explore your coaching practice beyond tools and techniques? 

This programme of supervision is for coaches who are ready to slow their pace right down and open themselves up to see a deeper perspective in a shared space. The intention is for insight and learning to come from the coaches own inner wisdom and presence.

Maria Iliffe-Wood invites coaches to reflect on their coaching practice, ethical dilemmas, coaching relationships and emotional resilience from a place of presence. The sessions move at a gentle pace and are relaxed, a feeling that is most conducive to generate insight and access to our own inner wisdom. This enables the learning to be profound for both you and your coaching practice. The underpinning mindset for the sessions is kindness and curiosity. 

Why Group Supervision for Coaches?

These are closed sessions for groups of no more than six coaches. The online sessions are run via Zoom, in blocks of 6 x 2 hour monthly sessions. There are two group with available spaces. One group will start on Friday 3rd Aug 2022, the other on Wednesday 7th Sept 2022. If you are interested in joining the group please do get in touch for an informal conversation. 

How much does it cost? Download this flyer for details of the range of payment options available.

If you would like to be considered to join the group, please email for an informal conversation.  

The first group 2022 dates are: 

Friday 5th Aug
Friday 9th Sept
(Sept is slightly out of sequence)
Friday 7th Oct
Friday 4th Nov 
Friday 2nd Dec
Friday 6th Jan 2023

The second group set of dates are:

Wednesday 7th Sept 
Wednesday 5th Oct
Wednesday 2nd Nov
Wednesday 7th Dec
Wednesday 4th Jan 2023
Wednesday 1st Feb 2023