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Deep Dive into Coaching Presence

“Presence is a way of being. And this way of being will set the tone for the coaching. This way of being is significant to the degree of learning the client is able to achieve.  Coaching presence is about creating an enabling space.  Enabling for the client, enabling for the Coach and enabling for the learning.”  
(Iliffe-Wood, Coaching Presence; building consciousness and awareness into coaching interventions, 2014)

 Your presence in the coaching relationship is the determining factor as to how transformational the coaching is for both the client and yourself. 


The Experience.....

This programme is relaxed, reflective and experiential. It has the potential to make a profound difference to your coaching practice. Coaching Presence is not a skill that you learn. It is something that happens when we allow our thinking, expectations, beliefs and assumptions fall away and we're left with who we really are. It is a remembering more than a learning. 

During the sessions, we will slow our pace and thinking down and reflect deeply on who we really are. Maria will share what she has learned about presence, since she published her book on the subject in 2014. The sessions will also include a mix of quiet and written reflection and you will have opportunities to experience presence in relationship with other members of the group. 

The agenda is very loose and will be responsive to the needs of the group. During this programme you will:

  • Explore how coaching really works. 
  • Learn how your presence in the coaching relationship impacts on the success of coaching.
  • Explore who you are at your core, your source of inner wisdom, and how to bring this to your coaching. 
  • How to get beyond your own mental chatter, ego and intellect to be in service of your client. 
  • Learn how to work with your coaching clients at a deeper level, beyond action plans, behaviours, tools and techniques.
  • Understand the nature of insight and how this brings about seismic shifts for your clients.
  • How to help clients access their own Invisible Coach, the inner source of their own wisdom.
  • How to be present, more of the time in your coaching meetings. 

The programme consists of eight x 90 minute online sessions, spread over four weeks. 


Who should attend? 

Coaches who are ready to evolve beyond the limits of tools and techniques in their coaching practice.
Coaches who are willing to explore the unknown rather than the known in their coaching.
Coaches who are open to look within, beyond their concepts, ideas and the intellect. 

Our Facilitators

Maria Iliffe-Wood

"I am excited to share what I have learned about coaching presence, since I published my book in 2014. It is an infinite journey into who we really are, and I look forward to exploring this with you."

What our clients say...

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I arrived looking for some insight into my true self and left knowing that the best me will allow me to be present with those around me. Two days that I recommend to anybody. ‘Enlightening’ doesn’t even come close to describe the experience.

Kev Urwin

Great qualitative deep touching workshop. Great for personal as well as professional development. Theory, practice together with personal work. I go to many workshops and trainings for further development and this one was the one I was really happy I did.

Giedre Lesmaityte, Lucid Head Solutions
Coach, Trainer and Co-Founder

It was a transformative experience – quietly and deeply profound. Learning about coaching with Maria teaches you to coach in its purest and most powerful form, supporting you to connect to your inner wisdom so that you are able to support your client. She practices what she preaches and you will grow as a person simply by being in her presence.

Sarah Lowes
Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

I signed up for this workshop, in complete faith that it would transform my coaching confidence and skills while at the same time having no idea what would be involved. I was not disappointed. It was excellent. Maria’s personal style, depth, intelligence, warmth, compassion and expertise, means I would attend the same workshop again and recommend it highly to anyone seeking greater purpose and effectiveness in their own coaching.

Penny Tunnell, DD Capace Ltd
Coach and Director

Programme Dates

There are currently no dates planned for this programme.

To ensure that everyone can get the most out of the programme, the maximum number of people in each group is eight.


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