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Courses and Events

  • How to self-edit your Book, Blog or Articles

     Any book worth its salt has been revised and edited to take it from the raw version that landed on the page at the outset, to the sculpted, crafted masterpiece that is the published version. As a novice writer this process can seem scary, and you might feel that it...

  • Write Your New Book Programme

    This online programme is aimed at helping you to get past your blockages and on your way to write the book that wants to emerge through you, the one that only you can write, the one that the world is waiting for. 

  • Group Supervision (Online)

    Do you want to explore your coaching practice beyond tools and techniques? 

  • Deep Dive into Coaching Presence

     Your presence in the coaching relationship is the determining factor as to how transformational the coaching is for both the client and yourself. 

  • Coaching Events

    Maria Iliffe-Wood will often lead explorations, discussion and/or reflections on the subject of presence and finding your inner wisdom. There are no events planned at the current time.

  • Live More Stress Less

    Live more, stress less, is a series of open events where we share Three Principles. These Principles provide a simple but profound guide to how your mind works. Most people find that when they realise these Principles, stress is much less of a problem for them and they experience more...