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Courses and Events

  • Live More Stress Less

    Live more, stress less, is a series of open events where we share Three Principles. These Principles provide a simple but profound guide to how your mind works. Most people find that when they realise these Principles, stress is much less of a problem for them and they experience more...

  • Online Leadership Programme

    Are you ready for a new and easier journey to great leadership?

  • me&dee Team Challenge

    We’re on a mission to help a really important and inspiring charity. The charity is me&dee and they help families have a holiday together to create special memories. Families with children or adults who have a life threatening, life shortening or a terminal condition. 

  • Other Events

    In 2020 there are many exciting opportunities to join Maria Iliffe-Wood in an exploration, discussion or reflection on the subject of finding your inner wisdom.