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Why Group Supervision for Coaches?

I’ve been a coach for over thirty years and a coach supervisor for eight years and I still engage in regular one to one supervision and group supervision. You’d think after thirty years, I’d be pretty good at this coaching lark by now wouldn’t you. So why do I still engage with a supervisor? 

Let me ask you this? Why do you undertake CPD? Most CPD is to do with learning new skills, new tools and techniques, new models and theories, new science. If you’re anything like me, we do it because we want to be a better coach overall. 

I have supervision for a similar reason. What I’m learning through supervision is different to my CPD. I’m learning about the space within the coaching relationship, the space between myself and the client, the space within me, the space around the both of us. And I’m talking systemic space, not just the environment. I do this because the learning is specific to me and my clients, and it makes what the client achieves through my coaching much more transformational. 

We open our eyes to what’s being overlooked

In CPD we learn about the art and craft of coaching in general. In supervision we are opening our eyes to what’s going on in the coaching relationship. We’re holding a magnifying glass over different elements of particular coaching sessions and opening our eyes to what lies underneath the surface. We’re taking a look at the stuff that is swimming around in the issues that are being explored, that are getting overlooked, but are affecting the outcomes, outside of both ours and our client’s awareness. As we open our eyes to this, what we do in our coaching sessions changes and transformation for our clients becomes more profound and far reaching. 

In one to one sessions there are two pairs of eyes. In group supervision the number of eyes increases and therefore what gets ‘seen’ expands. It’s as simple as that.

As a coach you never see the whole jigsaw puzzle that is our client, but through supervision we see more of the pieces and that makes all the difference. 

I’m starting a new supervision group soon. If you would like to talk to me to see if my style of group supervision is for you, then please contact me; Numbers are strictly limited so contact me soon. 

Click here for more info, including a tariff where you can pick your price point to suit your pocket.  

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