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What if.. your worst fears are just stories?

We all have worries. Things that keep us up at night. Things that give us some form of panic attack. Things that we’re afraid of. Things that take us down some kind of rabbit hole.  

Mine always end up with me being homeless or destitute or alone again.

We also have things that stop us from doing stuff. Writing that book, going for that promotion, approaching that customer, climbing that mountain, asking someone on a date, telling someone that you love them.  

Mine stopped me from daring, stopped me at a certain rung on the ladder, stopped me from committing. 

Break free of limitation

I looked successful on the outside, but I had my limitations. For a long time in my work I called them goals. In my personal life I called it my unwillingness to compromise. Generally I called it being sensible.  

But it was fear that held me back. Fear of rising too high. Fear of failure. Fear of being knocked back. Fear of being rejected. Fear of being hurt. Fear of looking stupid. Fear of not having enough money. Fear of having too much money. (I know! Stupid right?!!) 

Whilst sometimes it was clear what the fear was and actually how ridiculous it was, a lot of the time I couldn’t pin it down. The fear was so deeply ingrained in my psyche. 

Some of those fears still exist, they’re not that easy to kill off, but I see them for what they are now. 

What if you can choose which thoughts to believe

Look at how children are afraid of a monster in the wardrobe. They’ve imagined the monster and are truly scared of it. The fear is real, in their mind, and nothing you say or do, stops them from being frightened. Until they realise that the monster is not real, then the fear disappears like a puff of smoke.  

As adults we do exactly the same thing. A thought or a story pops into our mind that is something to be scared of and we believe the story to be true. The fear feels real. The story isn’t.  

Most of the stuff we worry about or fear is never going to happen, but we act as if it’s happening already. It paralyses us, or slows us down, and if we manage to keep going it’s like a millstone around our neck.  

Because all thought feels real in our mind and so, of course, we act on it, we act on those fearful thoughts, especially when we don’t understand how it works.  

When you remember how it works, how thought creates those fears and worries, they become far easier to deal with. You notice them. You take a look at them to see if there is anything worth paying attention to and then wait for them to pass.  

They don’t need to hold you down or hold you back. They’re not as heavy as you might have thought.  

When you remember that most worries and fears are just stories, you can stride forward with your hopes and dreams, and when difficult things happen, as they do sometimes, you are better equipped to deal with them because your mind is not so clogged up with the stories that never happened.  

If this article has intrigued you, you can watch the short recording of our Livestreamconversation on this topic. 

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