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What if... it's thought that creates your experience of life?

What difference would it make to you?  

Here’s how I think life might be different and what it would mean if it is thought that creates your experience of life. 

You don’t have to work out whether the statements are true or not. You don’t have to agree or disagree with them. Just see what comes up for you. It’s as simple as that. 

You’re not at the mercy of your circumstances  

You’re not at the mercy of your circumstances. You know that it’s your thinking about the circumstance that is causing any ‘negative’ experience and that it is in your control, even if the circumstance is not. 

You know this to be true because you can experience the same circumstance but feel different about it, therefore experience it in a different way depending on yourstate of mind. Your state of mind is the nature of your thinking right at that moment.  

You can feel pessimistic about a deadline one day and optimistic about it another day, yet the deadline has not changed. Only your thinking.  

You’re not at the mercy of other people's views 

 Knowing that thought creates your experience means you’re not at the mercy of other people’s views, opinions or behaviour. You know other people experience their thinking, and that has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to worry about it. 

When others behave badly, you don’t have to take it personally. You know their behaviour is a direct outcome of their thinking.  

It also means that if you’re not happy with the experience you’re having, you can look for a new thought and your experience will change. 

You might have a nicer, easier life 

You can see things happening in the world and be disheartened and feel helpless about it; or with a different thought, see it in a different way and feel optimistic and empowered to do something.  

When you understand it’s your own thinking that creates your experience, you’re less likely to engage in thinking that brings you down, doubt yourself, question yourself. You’re less likely to worry, get anxious or be fearful. 

You’re more able to see the facts without all the other layers of thinking you could add to create a different experience. That gives you a wider perspective, more options and an easier life.

When you know it’s your own thinking, that creates your experience. That it comes from within you and no one else. It means you can choose what to do with it. Just because you think something, that doesn’t mean you have to own it. 

You can have a different experience of life in a instant 

It means you can choose whether to pay attention to your thinking or not. You can choose to believe it or not. You can choose whether to give it life or not. If you can choose happiness over despair, you’re going to choose happiness.  

You can experience your life in a different way whenever you choose. You can see through fresh eyes whenever you have a change of thinking. If you’re not enjoying your experience of life right now, you can shift your thinking and change your experience.  

That means you have choice over how you experience life. You can be hopeful and optimistic, rather than doubtful and pessimistic. You can be positive and energised, rather than negative and downbeat.  

If thought creates your experience is also means you don’t have to rely on anyone else to change your experience of life. You don’t need other people to be different for you to have a happier, more positive experience of life.

It means you can have a new experience of life in an instant. A thought takes a nanosecond. Which means your experience of life can change in an instant as a new thought arrives.

If you don’t like the experience you’re having right now, you can wait for that thinking to pass and see what new experience arrives with the next thought.  

If you knew that thought created your experience of life, what would it mean for you? 

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