Beyond your negative thinking

What if beyond your negative thinking, you have innate wellbeing?

Remember a time when you had dark, despondent, depressive thoughts. Remember a time when you thought your world was crashing down. Or a time when you were so stressed you thought your head would explode. Or a time when you were so scared you thought your heart would burst right out of your chest.  

In those times when you might have questioned your mental wellbeing, your state of mind was low, your thoughts were so profoundly negative that they created a horrible experience that felt like mental instability.  

Those times all came to an end at some point. They came to a halt and you came back to a period of mental wellbeing. We’ve all been through dark or difficult times and come through to the other side. 

How do we get back to mental wellbeing? 

What was it that brought us through? How did we get back to mental wellbeing?  

What if all that happened was that our negative thinking passed and we naturally just came back to our innate mental being? What if our innate mental wellbeing was there all along, just waiting for our negative thinking to pass by so that it could be seen?  

I remember times when I have felt like I don’t have mental health. I remember a time when I was diagnosed with a mental illness. I have periods of feeling low, depressed, anxious, nervous, worried, scared. I have bouts that feel like mental instability.  

What I see now is that this feeling of instability is temporary. I know that the negative thinking will pass. And when it does, I will feel mentally well again.  

What I also see now is that during those times of mental instability I had moments of mental wellbeing. Moments where I forgot my inner turmoil. Moments of clarity. Moments when I knew what to do to find my way back to innate health. 

I see that there was something guiding me that enabled me to come back to mental wellbeing. Another word for that might be inner wisdom. I can see how my inner wisdom guided me until my negative thinking passed by. Until once again I could feel and experience my innate wellbeing. 

Innate wellbeing is our default state. 

I see that innate wellbeing is my default state. That means that I don’t have to worry during the times when I feel mentally unstable because I know that at some point, I will come back to my default state. Just knowing this makes a whole heap of difference. Things never seem quite so bad as they once did.

Fundamentally I am not broken. But in my extreme cases of negative thinking I felt like I was broken. I thought I was damaged and needed fixing. That’s the effect when we buy into and believe our negative thoughts. It makes us believe that we are broken. Just knowing this helps me during those times when I think I’m broken.  

If I am never broken, then there’s nothing to fix. All I need to do is let my inner wisdom guide me and then I will do whatever is needed to help me come back to my innate wellbeing, my default state.  

What I see now is that I have innate wellbeing beyond my negative thinking. If this is true for me, then surely it must be true for everyone.  

What if beyond your negative thinking, you have innate wellbeing?  

If you’d like to delve deeper into this subject, you can watch the recording of our Livestream on ‘What if beyond your negative thinking, you have innate wellbeing?’ here on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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