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What I Don't Know as a Coach

I enter every coaching session from a place of not knowing. 

I don’t know what the client will want to talk about, what they will bring, what state of mind they will be in, what’s happened in their lives since last we met. 

I have no idea what the structure of the session will look like, what tools or techniques, if any, I will use, what the outcome of the session will be. 

I do not know what insights my client might have, or indeed whether they will have an insight at all, nor whether they will change in the way that either they or their organization might want them to. None of this is within my sphere of control.  

I also have no idea what I could say that will be the thing that makes an impact on the client. Sometimes it’s the most throwaway comment that can trigger the most profound change for a person.   

Yet all of this, because I know I don’t know, liberates me as a coach. 

Being present makes me a far better coach

The truth is, we don’t know and we can’t know. And there is good news.  

The one thing that I do know is that being present with my client, with nothing on my mind, not tied to outcomes or processes, not making any assumptions or having any ideas about solutions and being there in service to that person, with kindness and compassion, makes me a far better coach than ever I was when I thought I did know all this stuff. 

And my clients are all the better for it too. 

And if this intrigues you, I'd be very happy to discuss it with you. 

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