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Book Blog: The Writing Stops

I finally finished writing my book. The stories just stopped coming and I knew that the book was complete. 

The stories were in no particular sequence and putting them into chronological order just didn't seem to make sense. 

So I talked to my writing coach, Jules, who suggested that I print off all the stories, clear a space where the pieces could reside for a few days at least and see if I could sense where the stories wanted to be. I know, it sounds a little crazy but it made perfect sense to me. 

So that's what I did. 

I cleared the floor in our spare room, and with my legs crossed, sitting in the middle of the floor, I took each piece, read it, then placed it somewhere that felt right. Once I'd done that with all the stories, I walked away from it and let it settle. 

A Hero's Journey

The next day I took Joseph Campbell's, The Hero's Journey, into the room with me. I read each piece again and looked at it through the eyes of each stage of the Hero's Journey, it made sense then to move some of the pieces. Again I walked away from it and let it settle. 

A day or so later, I came back to the room and sat with my book for a while once more. I picked up each story and read it again. I sat in the feeling of the piece and satisfied myself that the stories were happy where they were. I was surprised at where some of the pieces landed. One piece in particular, that I had in mind as the very first chapter in the book, turned out to be the final chapter. And many other stories, landed in unexpected places. But the order of the book now made absolute sense.  

The stories had formed themselves into eight sections

I went back to my Scrivener App, and sorted the stories into the order of the pages as they were upstairs on the floor of my spare room. I wrote a few sentences in summary of each piece and from that exercise I noticed some themes emerge. The stories had formed themselves into eight distinct sections. 

From the summaries I was able to name the sections and from the section headings, the title of the book emerged, but I'll tell you what that is at a later date!

The manuscript has now been sent out to a number of eminent people for testimonials and I await their responses with bated breath. 




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