Why this reflection May 2020

Pay Attention to Ordinary Moments

Pay attention to ordinary moments, when everything just feels normal and OK.

What is special about them?

When we’re in a state of mind that we don’t like, we concentrate a lot of effort on trying to change it. We desperately want to feel better.

We berate ourselves with all the shoulds. 

We should be able to let go of the thinking. We should be able to think positive thoughts. We should be able to feel better. We judge and criticize ourselves because we can’t do that. We get anxious and worried and wish that we were not so scared, angry and aggressive and wish we were calmer, jealous and resentful, and all the rest, and wish we didn’t experience those negative feelings. We work hard to bring ourselves back to peace and calm. 

The moment all of that ‘low quality thinking’ passes and we experience the exact thing that we’ve been wishing for, we don’t even notice it. 

We don't notice the moments that are what we are wishing for

When I started paying attention to the ordinary moments, I noticed that they hold no angst, no anxiety, no irritation, no anger, no jealousy, none of the emotions that I fight and rail against when I’m in them. The more I paid attention to ordinary moments, I saw that they were the moments of calm and contentment I’d been looking for. The deeper I saw that for myself, the easier my life became.

The invitation to you, for this month, is to pay attention to the ordinary moments in life and see what happens. 

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