Food for Thought May 2020

Ordinary Moments - Food for Thought

When my mind is unsettled by any feeling that I’d prefer not to experience, the thing I crave most is peace of mind.

For most of my life I ignored the moments when I had exactly what I craved for in those moments. The moments when there was an absence of emotions that caused my palms to sweat, my heart to palpitate and my body to be drowned in chemicals that are designed to be sort term fixes, but when used to excess cause untold damage.

When do you get your best ideas?

I overlooked the times when I felt how I wanted to feel when instead my body and mind were ravaged by fear, anxiety, uncertainty, stress, pressure, frustration and the like. 

I paid so much attention to the times when I wanted to feel different, and ignored all the times when I already did.  

Why? Because they felt so ordinary, so natural, so innocuous. They didn’t demand my attention in the same way that a noisy mind does. 

In the ordinary moments I do my best work

Yet in those ordinary moments I do my best work. My ideas flow. There is space for my creativity to flourish and for my wisdom to splash around. My mental health is stable and I feel confident and self-assured. 

When I started to pay more attention to these moments, I noticed how they appeared without me having to do anything. The commotion in my mind, that demanded so much of my attention, would disappear and peace of mind would arrive in its place. 

I stopped fighting with the turbulence in my head and instead started to wait for the ordinary moments to show up. I found that they arrived more often and my life got a whole lot easier.  

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