Less is More

Less is More and how that applies to leadership

‘Less is More.’  It’s an old adage, but can it apply to leadership? Here’s a few of our ideas:  

  • Less worry about what other people think of us. More confidence in ourselves. 
  • Less worry about whether you’ll achieve your goal, your objective, your target. More forward motion towards achieving it. 
  • Less attention to negative thinking. More space in your mind for positivity, clarity and wisdom. 
  • Less self-judgement, self-criticism, less beating yourself up. More learning, more self-development, more improvement. 
  • Less need to provide all the answers. More listening to others to gain a broader perspective. 
  • Less avoidance of talking to someone about an issue. More hasty resolution to that issue. 
  • Less jumping on the first idea. More expansive ideas and new ways forward. 
  • Less trying hard to resolve problems, more space for fresh thinking to emerge. 
  • Less talking. More listening. More chance of understanding other’s perspectives. 
  • Less need to be right. More chance of finding better solutions. 
  • Less being driven by ego. More wisdom based decisions. 
  • Less distraction by the minutiae. More focus on the bigger picture. 
  • Less prevarication. More action.  

What other ‘Less is More’ ideas can you come up with that apply to leadership? 

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