2022 New Year Food for Thought

If I had One Year Left to Live

If I had one year to live, would I live my life in any other way to what I do now? Am I not living my life? Whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. Life is life.

If I had one year left to live would I cram it as full as I could? With achievements, with food, with fun, with adventure, with travel, with staying at home, with being? What would I wish for, for my last year of life? Love, passion, fun, contentment, peace of mind, the knowledge that I made a difference?

What will I be remembered for?

Who will remember me? What will I be remembered for? What do I want people to say? She was kind. She was contented. She knew joy. She saw me. She heard me. She helped me. She loved me.

If I had one year to live, my health would no longer be an issue. Money would no longer matter. Material goods would no longer be needed. Worry would no longer make sense. I would make do with what I’ve got and be grateful for them. A roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, food on the table, work that I love, an easy marriage. 

What will I do with this one year of life? What I can. What life nudges me towards, what makes sense in the moment, without care for the past, or concern for the future, of what may, or may not get finished. 

Life is not in my hands

The last one year of my life is not in my hands. It’s not mine to determine what I do with it. That’s not within my remit. My one and only responsibility is to live it, one moment at a time. Not judge it, not require it to be different, not wish for another life. This one life is mine and mine alone, but it doesn’t belong to me. 

In the last one year of my life I want to show the world that contentment, peace, mental health and abundance are available to everyone. To do that, I need to see it in myself, not ignore that which is within me. And show it to the world, so they can see it too.

So I start and finish with me. I need to pay attention to all that is good and positive, all that is love. I want to come from that place within me, as much as possible, for anywhere else is not life. It’s a waste of life, a waste of time, a waste of love. So not just the last one year of my life, but every year of my life, I will live my life from love, just in case it is the last one.

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