Monthly reflection2 April 2020

"I felt so right, I could only be wrong."

Why this reflection? 

This is a line from the song 'Hymn for my Soul' by Andy Fairweather Low. 

Do you know the feeling?  

How many times have you known that you are right only to later find out that you were wrong? How many times did another solution present itself, only after your solution failed or caused another problem? How many times have you had egg on your face? 

Hopefully not too many times!! 

We want you to reflect on this because we see more instances, than are desirable, where a person’s need to be right has overridden wisdom. It has got in the way of making the best decision. It’s prevented problems being resolved, and instead created new problems. And in particular, it’s got in the way of leadership teams working effectively together. 

I want to make a distinction here between needing to be right and being right.

The need to be right is an ego-based stance and therefore an indication of a clouded mind. It indicates a lack of perspective and clarity and restricted access to wisdom.  

You may be right. I’m not suggesting that you’re not sometimes, but just being open to the possibility that you’re not, enables you to see and hear other perspectives. 

What I’m more interested in, is what happens when you fall open to the possibility of not being right. What happens to your state of mind? 


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