Why this Reflection June 2020

Get to know your ego

Why this Reflection? 

Ego has a lot to answer for. It can get us into trouble, it can stop us from achieving what we want to achieve, it can get in the way of relationships, it’s the source of most of our consternation.  

It comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s unique to each and every one of us.  

It gets involved in lots of places where you least expect it and it rarely ends well.

If you can get acquainted with what your ego feels like, then you have a better chance of being the kind of …

(insert word here. Eg. leader, coach, writer, parent, team player, accountant etc)

... you want to be. 

The invitation this month is to notice and pay attention to when your ego gets involved so that you can choose another way. 

PS Ego is the part of you that gets anxious and scared as well as/and/or the part of you that gets over-confident and aggressive. Ego has multiple facets that fit along a continuum that ranges between these seemingly opposite states.

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