Food for thought June 2020

When we decide to let ego fall away, we will make the world a better place.

When ego is involved, love and understanding go out the window. While we’re busy paying so much attention to our own thoughts and ideas, listening to another’s point of view falls by the wayside.  

When ego has taken over it’s not because we’re stronger or more confident than another person, or - the other side of the same coin – it’s not because we’re weaker or more insecure than another person, it’s because we’ve bought into an idea of ourselves and forgotten who we really are.  

Most of what ails the world is fueled by ego 

Most of what ails the world is fueled by ego - collective ego and generations of it. Any conflicts that arise, come from ego. Ego fights with ego. Nothing changes in the world because of ego. At the simplest level; two people hold onto their opposite view of what’s right or wrong, and status quo is the outcome. One person demands a course of action, another person is too scared to speak up against it, wrong action prevails. In both cases ego has got involved and no one really wins.  

When ego is not around, when we speak it’s with a measure of self-assurance, yet we speak less. We listen to others and we seek to understand. We take account of other people’s point of view, not just assert our own. We act from a place of wisdom and invite other’s wisdom into the conversation because we know we don’t have all the answers. 

Without ego we make better decisions 

When ego is not around, we have more care and compassion for others, the organisation, the planet. Decisions take all of these into account so that actions have a positive impact on the whole system, rather than work to the benefit of a select few. 

When ego is not around, we have easier, more balanced conversations, that flow and draw out the collective wisdom. We find ourselves in more win-win situations. 

We know when ego gets involved because it has a certain quality of feeling to it. Remember our Above the Line/Below the Line analogy? When we’re above the line, ego is involved, when we’re below the line, ego is out of the way. 

  • Which would you prefer? 
  • Which is best for your organization?
  • Which is best for the world at large?

 When we decide to let ego fall away, we will make the world a better place. 

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