creating the leadership mix

Consciousness. Creator of the leadership mix

How does consciousness make a difference to leadership? 

A DJ has faders on his mixing deck that he moves up and down to create the musical experience. In the same way we move and shift metaphorical faders to create our experience of life. I’m going to explore some of these faders and point to the override key of Consciousness as the key to getting the mix right for good leadership. 

What is Consciousness? 

What are you aware of as you read this article? Do you hear the noises in the office? The noise of people’s chatter, the ring of phones, the hum of the printer, the ping of an email as it lands in your in box.  

Do you notice that sometimes you’re aware of this noise, and other times you’re not? The noise around you rarely stops, yet it comes and goes in your awareness.  

When you’re aware of the noise we could call this a high level of awareness, when it fades into the background, a low level of awareness.  Another word for awareness is consciousness.

The same principle applies to what happens in our mind. How aware of thoughts are you? Sometimes thoughts are loud, sometimes quiet. Sometimes you’re aware of your thoughts, sometimes not. Your awareness of thought, how loud it is, how thought influences you is mostly outside of your awareness. Thought is the main influence to you as a leader whether you are aware of it or not.  

Here’s three ‘faders’ that are the factors that manipulate thought to create our experience.  

The volume fader: You experience the loudest thoughts in your mind, they create feelings in you, this is what you experience. You’re not necessarily aware of the content of the thoughts, but it creates your experience, and it’s the experience that you’re aware of.  

The influence fader. How much do your thoughts influence your words, actions and experiences? How aware are you of thoughts that influence these? Whenever you speak or act, thought has influenced it. Did you say, do or experience that in the way you wanted to?  

The attention fader. How conscious are you of what thoughts you pay attention to? The attention fader is ‘on’ for some thoughts and ‘off’ for others. The thoughts you pay attention to are the ones that influence you, your words, your actions, your experience.  

These faders have become set to automatic over your lifetime. Much of what happens is outside of your awareness. Over your life time you’ve learned to pay attention to, to increase the volume of and be influenced by certain habits of thought. This has been innocent, unconscious and automatic. Some of this serves you well, and some not so well. Like any automatic settings, the setting can be overridden.

When you bring your attention to these aspects, you raise your level of consciousness. You have fewer unconscious thoughts and actions and this has an impact on the nature of your experience, the nature of your leadership. You have more choice in the matter. You change the settings, turn down the volume, reduce the level of influence and redirect attention.  

The override key is Consciousness. It has control over the other faders and therefore can override them all. It is actually the creator of the mix. It’s a deeper consciousness. A universal consciousness that is the source of all wisdom. A more trustworthy source of words, actions, experiences. When we allow this consciousness to take control of the faders, our words and deeds have a different quality about them. Your best decisions, words, actions, experiences come from this consciousness. When your attention is diverted to this deeper level of consciousness, the volume, influence and attention settings automatically change. 

This consciousness doesn’t demand our attention and is often overlooked. This consciousness doesn’t require any effort. When the mind is quiet this consciousness surfaces or rises. When you look back you can see when and how this consciousness has influenced and guided you. If you look at any 360 degree feedback that you’ve had, the positive comments relate to times when you’re in a high level of consciousness. The ‘negative’ points to times when you’ve been in a low level of consciousness.

This consciousness is how and why you are able to observe life, be aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. Without this consciousness there is no free will to change your experience. With this consciousness you are free to choose a better experience. 

It is this consciousness that helps you to be the best leader that you can be. This consciousness enables you to make good decisions and go beyond the limitations of your unconscious thought. With a high level of consciousness life becomes more limitless.  

You know this consciousness, it is familiar to you. Get curious about it, enquire into it. See how it works for you.  

If you’d like some help exploring this topic, please do contact us. 

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