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Category: Book Blog

Book Blog: What's involved in writing a Book Proposal for a Publisher

Feb 18 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring and enter a Hay House publishing competition.

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Book Blog: What next?

Nov 28 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

It’s been a while since I stopped writing for my book. Since then I have approached five literary agents, received three rejections and two non-responses, which is in effect three...

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Book Blog: The Writing Stops

Aug 15 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I finally finished writing my book. The stories just stopped coming and I knew that the book was complete. 

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Book Blog: Why I need a holiday from writing my book

Jul 11 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I haven’t worked on my book much over the last three weeks. Every so often I’ve clicked into the Scrivener app and messed about with one or two of the chapters, but...

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Book Blog: Some smaltzy cliche

Apr 05 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I’m trying to work on my book this morning but I’m feeling somewhat lethargic. That, I can’t be bothered, let others do the work, let me sit on the sofa...

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Book Blog: A roller coaster journey

Mar 14 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

It’s been an 'interesting' couple of weeks, with more than my fair share of ups and downs.

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Book Blog: Self publish or use a publisher?

Feb 14 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

My book is taking shape. The excitement is building. I need to consider how to get it published.

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Book Blog - Time to ask for feedback

Jan 31 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

My book is now at the stage where I need to share it with people. I need to find out whether anyone will be interested in it.

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Book Blog: Where does the idea come from to write a new book?

Jan 22 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I’ve known I was going to write another book ever since my first, ‘Coaching Presence’, was published in 2014. 

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