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What if wisdom comes from a clear mind?

Nov 01 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

First of all, what is wisdom? It’s a word that we use all the time and assume we know what it means. Maybe it means different things to different people.

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Inaugural me&dee Team Challenge - a great success

Oct 13 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

The date: the fourth of October 2019. The place: the Courtyard at Thoresby Park. The event: the inaugural me&dee Team Challenge.  

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How ego misuses goals

Oct 02 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Over the last few weeks we’ve fallen into a trap that we see many people in organisations falling into. 

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What if feelings are an indication of your thinking

Sep 27 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

We all experience feelings, but do we know what they are? Not the labels that we give them but their function in life. 

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Less is More and how that applies to leadership

Aug 30 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

‘Less is More.’  It’s an old adage, but can it apply to leadership? Here’s a few of our ideas:  

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What if everyone lives in a different and separate reality?

Aug 22 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Today I noticed the flowers on the hearth. They are absolutely stunning. Yesterday I barely noticed their existence I was so caught up in my thinking.  

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What if.. your worst fears are just stories?

Jul 25 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

We all have worries. Things that keep us up at night. Things that give us some form of panic attack. Things that we’re afraid of.

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A chance meeting?

Jul 15 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

The story of how we met me&dee and decided to strike up a partnership with this wonderful charity comes under the category of the 'mystery of life.'

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What if judgement and criticism of yourself is not helpful?

Jun 20 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

One of the first insights I had when I came across the Three Principles was the realization that I didn’t have to believe everything I think.

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What if you stop using the power of thought against yourself?

May 22 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I was the world’s best at using thought against myself, not realising that was what I was doing.  My thinking was so habitual and ingrained that I didn’t notice it.

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