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If our mental health is dependent on external circumstances, then basically we’re all stuffed. But here’s the good news….

Mar 16 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

We thought things had finally settled down over Brexit and now everything is up in the air again. Now there’s even more uncertainty.

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What's the difference between your low quality and your high quality state of mind?

Mar 16 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Our state of mind shifts and changes all the time. It is in a constant state of flux.

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Why pay attention to your state of mind?

Mar 09 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

The quality of your state of mind is the biggest determining factor in your leadership capability. It underpins everything you do and it is the secret weapon of all great leaders.

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What to do if you feel stuck

Feb 21 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I’m stuck. I’ve been working on a report. The ideas were flowing. My fingers were racing across the keyboard. The design felt easy. Everything was falling into place. Then something changed.

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2020 Reflections - Best Ideas

Jan 15 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

If you haven’t done so already, take a moment to reflect on when you get your best ideas. What do you notice about your state of mind at those times? 

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Are you OK? The surprising leadership question

Dec 06 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I’d spent two hours with John discussing how to restructure the management team in his stores and how to shuffle the staff around to make the most of the resources...

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What if wisdom comes from a clear mind?

Nov 01 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

First of all, what is wisdom? It’s a word that we use all the time and assume we know what it means. Maybe it means different things to different people.

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Inaugural me&dee Team Challenge - a great success

Oct 13 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

The date: the fourth of October 2019. The place: the Courtyard at Thoresby Park. The event: the inaugural me&dee Team Challenge.  

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How ego misuses goals

Oct 02 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Over the last few weeks we’ve fallen into a trap that we see many people in organisations falling into. 

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What if feelings are an indication of your thinking

Sep 27 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

We all experience feelings, but do we know what they are? Not the labels that we give them but their function in life. 

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