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It’s been a while since I stopped writing for my book. Since then I have approached five literary agents, received three rejections and two non-responses, which is in effect three more rejections. JK Rowling had 8 rejections, so I’m told, before she got a book deal, so I’m not worried just yet.  

While I waited for the replies, I attended a writer’s workshop run by Hay House publishers and I learned a lot. Not least I learned that I had approached the literary agents that I would have the least chance of success with. No wonder I’d not had an acceptance yet. I’d aimed high. I’d aimed for agents who already represent some big names. I’d aimed for the people who don’t need a newcomer. I realised that a relative unknown author like me needs a relative unknown literary agent, someone who is new in the game and hungry to find the next best thing. I realised that maybe I didn’t need a literary agent after all.  

Finding a literary agent takes the same amount of time and effort as finding a publisher, so why not go straight to the horse’s mouth? As that realization settled Reid Tracy said something else that triggered another thought.  

My book can’t wait that long 

“If you get a deal now, the book won’t be published until 2022.” He said. Reid is the CEO of Hay House Publishing. He was standing on a stage lit up by a cinema sized PowerPoint screen behind him. The room was cold despite the two hundred and fifty warm-bodied, wannabe authors in the audience. I was in a middle row huddled in my grey fleece, zipped up to my neck. My green hardback notebook was open on my lap, an empty sweet wrapper in its fold, my pen at the ready to write down every word of wisdom that fell from Reid’s mouth. His words hit home. My book can’t wait till 2022 to get out into the world. It’s ready now. The silence echoed around the room. “You need to know that.” He said.  

So that was it. It looked like self-publishing was the next step. I’d resisted the idea all along, and now all of a sudden it seemed like the best option. He went on to say that if a book is self-published, it can still be submitted to a publishing house later. That sealed the deal.  

So now I want to investigate how to self-publish. Do I do it all on my own? Do I find a half-way house? What do I do first? That’s easy. The first step is to watch the videos provided by Hay House on the subject. Thank you, Hay House.  

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