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Why improving mental wellbeing will reap greater rewards for your business

Oct 05 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

The importance of mental health and wellbeing of people in your company should not be underestimated, because improving it can only bring greater rewards and increase productivity. 

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A better perspective for achieving goals

Sep 04 2018 | by Ashley Wood

Don’t get stressed about the pressure to deliver results, there is a better perspective towards achieving your goals 

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Leaders - Stop being so hard on yourself

Aug 23 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Why self-kindness is an essential skill for great leadership – and how to stop being so hard on yourself

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Consciousness. Creator of the leadership mix

Jul 07 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

How does consciousness make a difference to leadership? 

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How fear paralyses and how it doesn't

Jul 04 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I recently watched the film Deepwater Horizon. What I saw was a brilliant teaching about how the human mind deals with fear. 

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Positivity v negativity and the impact on potential

Jun 04 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

In your current state of mind how likely are you to achieve your full potential? What’s your state of mind right now? Is it a positive or a negative state...

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What is a quiet mind? How do I get it?

May 09 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

When I have a quiet mind, I feel peace, happiness and tranquility. It gives me perspective and clarity, and life has a grace and ease about it.

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What is presence?

Feb 05 2018 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Before I talk about presence, I invite you to think about some moments in time…

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Let go of the rice...

Aug 24 2016 | by Ashley Wood

For the last twenty years I’ve been asking groups of managers the following question:

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Heal the world.

Jul 07 2016 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

A few weeks ago I watched in horror as the events in Paris unfolded.   And my heart went out to the people of Paris and the families of the people who...

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