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What if you stop using the power of thought against yourself?

May 22 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I was the world’s best at using thought against myself, not realising that was what I was doing.  My thinking was so habitual and ingrained that I didn’t notice it.

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The Intractable Problem

May 13 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

This story is an amalgam of true events experienced by various leaders that we have worked with. 

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Let's talk about Wholeness with Andy Winter

May 01 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood, Andy Winter

Maria and Andy Winter discuss the topic of wholeness, what it is, how we experience it and what difference it can make in our lives if we understand it.

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What if beyond your negative thinking, you have innate wellbeing?

Apr 29 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Remember a time when you had dark, despondent, depressive thoughts. Remember a time when you thought your world was crashing down.

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Book Blog: Some smaltzy cliche

Apr 05 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I’m trying to work on my book this morning but I’m feeling somewhat lethargic. That, I can’t be bothered, let others do the work, let me sit on the sofa...

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What if you can leave your negative history in the past?

Mar 28 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

For so many years I carried a whole load of ‘stuff’ around with me, not realising that was what I was doing.

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Book Blog: A roller coaster journey

Mar 14 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

It’s been an 'interesting' couple of weeks, with more than my fair share of ups and downs.

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What if you can choose which thoughts to believe and which to ignore?

Feb 28 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Our thoughts feel compelling and real and believable, yet they’re not always that helpful in giving us the kind of life that we would like.

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What does gravity have to do with mental wellbeing?

Feb 28 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

When we talk about gravity being connected to mental wellbeing, we are, of course, talking about psychological rather than physical weight.

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Book Blog: Self publish or use a publisher?

Feb 14 2019 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

My book is taking shape. The excitement is building. I need to consider how to get it published.

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