January 2020 Reflection

2020 Reflections - Best Ideas

If you haven’t done so already, take a moment to reflect on when you get your best ideas. What do you notice about your state of mind at those times? 

Once you’ve thought about it – read on! 

You may have come up with things like; 

  • When I’m in the shower
  • When I’m running
  • When I’m working out
  • When I’m playing with the children
  • When I’m watching TV
  • When I’m out walking – often taking the dog for a walk
  • Just before I go to sleep 

A couple of people on Linked in said, ‘Just as I wake up’ and ‘When I feel on top of things’.

Whoa! Where did that idea come from?

We’ve asked this question to hundreds of leaders over the year and these are all common responses to this question. The person’s state of mind is the common factor. Here’s how I look at it. 

The thread that weaves through all of these scenarios is that you have stopped ‘working’ the problem. Your mind has settled down. It’s not full of other stuff. There’s no negativity, pressure, doubt, worry, anxiety. Your mind is uncluttered and unoccupied with loads of ‘stuff’. Your mind is quiet.  

And from a quiet mind, ideas have the space to surface. They come from your inner wisdom, (or your Invisible Coach) without effort. 

What if wisdom comes from a clear mind? 

When you realise and trust in the fact that that’s how it works, you start paying more attention to your state of mind. When you notice that you are in a state of mind that is not conducive to good ideas and solutions, you know to stop ‘working’ it. This alone can give you other options, which may be something simple that will help to get you back to a quiet state of mind.  

For me, when I notice I’m in a state of mind that is not quiet, I often just stop what I’m doing for a while, maybe five or ten minutes, get a cup of coffee, look at some other emails, then come back to the problem, or issue, or task, when my mind has settled down. That’s not to say, make that your practice. 

My recommendation to you, is now that you’ve done this reflection and know what your quiet mind looks and feels like, start noticing when it is not like that and see what wisdom occurs to you. 

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