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'From Quiet'

An optimal state of mind - calm, still, clear, without the interference of mental chatter.


'Greater Yet'

The best that you can be, beyond any expectation you may have at the moment. 

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A little bit about us...

Our work has evolved organically through experience and personal growth over the last 25 years.  We’ve adopted new approaches and concepts and let go of less effective ones. We’ve become increasingly aware that traditional psychological approaches and concepts for development and growth eventually bump into built-in limitations. By their very nature, at best, they are only ever an approximation of reality.

During the last few years we have found and live from a different paradigm of how the mind works. We work with people in a way that is underpinned by fundamental truths or principles that create our reality and experience. An understanding that transcends models and concepts. An understanding of what creates a 'Quiet Mind' and how this determines the quality of our life.  

These principles are not something you need to learn in the traditional sense of acquiring knowledge, skill or adopting a particular practice. They are and always have been creating our reality and experiences. They are the source of our wisdom, creativity and love. For many these principles are something to be remembered, not learned.

You already have this understanding and will naturally intuit and realise it for yourself.  We help you to
reconnect with this awareness. When we naturally fall into a Quiet Mind all aspects of life improves – relationships, clarity of thinking, creativity, problem solving and mental wellbeing, to mention a few.

From Quiet is a service that has arisen out of our own evolution and understanding of what really makes a difference. When we work with people they report transformation in their whole life – both personal and professional. When people realise this understanding, all their capabilities improve and they find new ones.  They find it easier to handle conflict and stress, they find they have more creativity in their work, interpersonal relationships become easier.  Teams find that they can work together more productively and efficiently.

With this understanding everything changes.

From Quiet HQ

maria iliffe wood small

Maria Iliffe-Wood - Executive Coach

Maria is deeply inspired by the people she works with.  
"It is amazing to see the change in people when they realise  
a truth from within that changes their whole outlook on life. 
I've seen people change in front of my eyes. I see weights 
lifted from their shoulders and suddenly everything is possible. 
Something lights up within them, that changes them forever.
It is always a privilege to witness this transformation."

ashley wood small

Ashley Wood - Facilitator and Coach

Ashley has been a leadership development consultant, facilitator and coach for over 30 years. He has a talent for creating an environment that invites people to reflect and look within themselves for inspiration and wisdom.
"I derive immense satisfaction and continue to learn from accompanying people on their personal journeys of discovery and insight."


This is what we do at From Quiet...

Time spent with us a highly personal experience. Whether you engage as an individual or as part of a team, it is an investment in yourself. You will find your experience with us to be both profound and enjoyable. In a relaxed environment, transformation happens.  You take time to reflect and come to a deep understanding of how your mind works.  

Coaching & Mentoring...

One to One Coaching

In your one to one coaching sessions, you will explore and find the source within you that will help you to achieve whatever it is that you want to in your life. You will reflect deeply on the nature of life and your true self, so that you can overcome any obstacles that you may face. These sessions take place over a period of 6 - 12 months and can be face to face or via a video conferencing app. 

How much does it cost? Download this flyer for details of the range of payment options for online personal coaching. Please contact us for corporate or face to face rates.

Coaching intensives

A retreat style experience designed to bring about a Quiet Mind and to effect profound transformation in a short space of time. Usually between 2 & 4 days. Whilst the transformation can be profound, the event is very relaxed. 

Bespoke coaching programme 

Programmes can be tailored to suit the individual or small group needs and include a mix of one to one and intensive sessions.

Contact us to find out more..... 

For Leaders...

Online Leadership programme

A short programme of 6 webinars, with an option to enhance the learning through one to one coaching. Aimed at understanding 'Quiet Mind' to bring about transformation in your leadership style and relationships.

Leadership retreats

Aimed specifically for leaders to understand a Quiet Mind in the context of leadership. Leaders who attend these retreats realise profound changes that bring more grace and ease to their work. This understanding has the potential to raise performance levels significantly. Retreats are offered for individuals, small groups or intact leadership teams. 

Bespoke team programmes 

Prior to working with a team we will seek to understand the issues faced by individuals in the team and the team as a collective. We design and tailor a programme to ensure that these issues are addressed through the understanding of a Quiet Mind. Teams we have worked with have seen profound improvements in team effectiveness, productivity and profitability without the need to work hard at changing behaviours. 

Contact us to find out more....


For Coaches...

One to One Supervision

One to One supervision for coaches who are ready to go beyond models, theories, tools, techniques and processes. Coaches who are willing and open to see a deeper perspective that holds the potential for transformational growth in all aspects of their role. People who are ready to take a giant leap in their personal development and professional growth. 

How much does it cost? Download this flyer for details of the range of tariffs available to suit all pockets. 

Group Supervision

Supervision for coaches who are ready to slow their pace right down and open themselves up to see a deeper perspective in a shared space. The intention is for insight and learning to come from the coaches own inner wisdom and presence. 

Click here for more information.

Coaching Presence Webinars

A short programme of webinars, aimed at exploring and developing your presence in coaching. How to bring your true presence to your coaching to effect greater transformation for your clients. 

Click here for more information about online coaching events taking place.

Deep Dive into Coaching Presence 

This is an intensive programme over two weeks where we take a deep dive into the true nature of your coaching presence. This is a highly reflective, experiential programme which will transform your coaching. There are currently no events planned. 

Click here for more information about this programme.

Coaching Presence workshop

A two day programme aimed at developing your coaching presence. This is for anyone who is a coach, mentor, consultant or a leader who uses coaching in their work. The workshop has the potential to bring about a profound shift for you and your coaching relationships. It is a highly reflective and experiential two days.  

These two day events are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as it is safe to do so we will announce new dates.

In the meantime, stay safe and well. :)




For Writers...

Writer's Group Coaching Programme

All programmes for writers can now be found on Maria Iliffe-Wood's author website. 


Open Events

 Live More Stress Less Workshop

Events throughout the year open to anyone who would like to experience less stress in their life. Maria Iliffe-Wood and Ashley Wood will share a simple understanding that helps people all over the world to have more mental health and wellbeing. They will be joined once per quarter by special guests who will also share their understanding of the Three Principles.

For further information click here



We are proud to be Corporate sponsors of me&dee - making special memories.

me&dee are a small charity that provide holidays for families that include someone with life threatening or life shortening illness or injury. They are a small charity with a big heart. When we met Maria & Mark, who run the charity almost single handedly, we decided that we wanted to do more than just make a donation, so look out for all the ways in which we help them to raise both money and their profile. 

Read how we met me&dee in our blog

Join us at From Quiet...

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Three Principles...

The Three Principles as described by Sydney Banks. A simplicity of understanding about the fundamentals behind the complexity of the human mind, that explains how we create our moment to moment experience of life.


Mind is the intelligence behind all life.  It is the essence of who we are and is a universal wisdom that we all have access to within us.


Consciousness is the gift of awareness.  Without consciousness we would have no experience.  We experience Thought through consciousness. Our level of consciousness is variable.


Thought is the creative energy behind all our experiences.  Thought creates our reality. From Thought comes our feelings, moods and experiences.  We experience life through Thought.

What our clients say about us...

Prev Next

You have really helped lift the quality of thinking in the organization

Chris Low
Chief Executive Officer, Letshego Holdings Ltd

Thank you for spending QUALITY time with us. In particular for me, the engagement will definitely impact positively on my life for a long time.


It was an enlightening experience.

HR Director

It was great to hear from the two of you again, as always, so calm and peaceful, an oasis in the madness of the corporate world we operate in!

Dru Jayaratne
Chief Executive Officer

I’ve previously taken part in other leadership programmes, but this one wasn’t anything like those. It was more about me as a person rather than learning proven techniques or how I should behave. I wasn’t expecting to learn something that would change my life but it really has. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Helen Fitzgerald
Managing Director, Troy Business Services

It really made me realise the importance of faith and the whole concept of consciousness and thinking.

Gemma Dolan
Regional Manager, Retail Sector

I became conscious that things were changing, I was influencing others more, and I could relate the changes back to the sessions. It kept developing week on week. I have more feeling of contentment in my personal life and in my work.

Mirella Barnes
Business Development Manager

I felt I was living before, but now I'm living more, feeling more and seeing more.

Jan Buxton
Team Leader, Public Sector

I am experiencing a feeling of immense calm and self worth and feel refreshed and excited about the things in my life and in the future.

Consultant and Coach

The lessons I learned from your workshop continue to have a profound effect in my life.

Team Leader

It was a transformative experience. Quietly and deeply profound.


The physical and emotional environment you both created was truly profound and impactful on me.

Facilitator, Trainer and Coach

I found an understanding of the power of 'not doing', 'not controlling', and an acceptance of things as they are, before stepping out to make the changes I want to see.

Penny Tunnell
Director, DD Capace Ltd

The book Coaching Presence became my coaching "bible". Maria lives and breathes presence and high-quality thinking. Thank you for the learning, the thinking, the inspiration and for your unstinting support. It has been life changing and an absolute pleasure.

Kev Urwin

I am so excited and honoured to be a guest on this workshop alongside Maria and Ash Wood who, it has to be said are the most amazing teachers of this understanding and also happen to be incredible human beings too

Stef Cybichowski
3P coach and practitioner

Thank you doesn’t seem enough after those amazing three days! To take the time out of “normal life” and be part of a conversation about something so life changing was such a special experience

Claire Allsopp

The insights I had around the true nature of thought and how much attention I needlessly pay to them will be something that will stay with me for life. The great thing has been life after the event – the conversations have left a mark and have changed how I approach situations that would have previously kicked my brain into overdrive.

Claire Allsopp

What we’ve learned over the last two days could change the world

Amy Connolly

When I woke on Friday morning (day 2 of the workshop) I felt as if I’d been sprinkled with fairy dust!

Katie Sillett

Maria and Ash had a lovely relaxed way of delivering the sessions and engaging with the group and they articulated the messages really well. I also enjoyed sharing my understanding with the group. Listening to what others took from each session helped deepen my understanding. I wasn’t expecting to learn something that would change my life but it really has.

Helen Fitzgerald
Managing Director, Troy Business Services

I arrived looking for some insight into my true self and left knowing that the best me will allow me to be present with those around me. Two days that I recommend to anybody. ‘Enlightening’ doesn’t even come close to describe the experience.

Kev Urwin

Great qualitative deep touching workshop. Great for personal as well as professional development. Theory, practice together with personal work. I go to many workshops and trainings for further development and this one was the one I was really happy I did.

Giedre Lesmaityte, Lucid Head Solutions
Coach, Trainer and Co-Founder

It was a transformative experience – quietly and deeply profound. Learning about coaching with Maria teaches you to coach in its purest and most powerful form, supporting you to connect to your inner wisdom so that you are able to support your client. She practices what she preaches and you will grow as a person simply by being in her presence.

Sarah Lowes
Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

I signed up for this workshop, in complete faith that it would transform my coaching confidence and skills while at the same time having no idea what would be involved. I was not disappointed. It was excellent. Maria’s personal style, depth, intelligence, warmth, compassion and expertise, means I would attend the same workshop again and recommend it highly to anyone seeking greater purpose and effectiveness in their own coaching.

Penny Tunnell, DD Capace Ltd
Coach and Director

Maria's editing is delivered with honesty and compassion. Through gentle prompting and Maria's flexible approach I got to realise that my voice was not being heard in the articles I had written. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and encouraged to challenge my thinking always knowing that this was for my benefit. The edited work got changed and so did my approach to future writing. I recommend an early review for the best benefit.Thank you Maria.

Kev Urwin
Boater, Hatter, Amateur Golfer and Retired Coach

It was so helpful for me to see a piece of my work edited. I have much more clarity around what to look out for and see how relatively small changes can make a huge difference in finding my voice.

Judy Nahkies

I came to the program with one book written, one book started, and one percolating in my mind. I wasn't sure where to focus my attention and therefore wasn't making progress on any of them. With Maria's thoughtful, patient guidance I am not only focused on what to work on, I also have a vision that is larger, more authentic, and inspiring than where I started.

Christine Blehm-Higgins

If I had One Year Left to Live

Jan 12 2022 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

If I had one year to live, would I live my life in any other way to what I do now? Am I not living my life? Whether it’s good,...

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The Invisible Source that Guided the Founding Fathers of Coaching

Sep 22 2021 | by Maria

How did the founding fathers of psychotherapy, and therefore coaching, know what to do with their clients? There were no books for them to read, no models, theories, tools or...

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My peace of mind is not dependent on my bank account and other things I learned in 2020

Jan 04 2021 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Like a lot of people 2020 challenged much of my thinking. Here's some things I learned last year:

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Presence is for life not just for coaching

Nov 12 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

I often talk about presence as the key factor that underpins the process and enables transformation in coaching relationships. 

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Coaches: How to hold Imposter Syndrome more lightly

Oct 20 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

Something that comes up often in coach supervision sessions is the weight of responsibility that we can carry as a coach. This can look like: 

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Coaches: Trust the process not the tools or techniques

Oct 01 2020 | by Maria Iliffe-Wood

As a coach I have no idea what I will say or do that will ensure that my client has the level of transformation that they are hoping for or...

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Coaching Presence...

coaching presenceBuilding consciousness and awareness into coaching interventions

Coaching Presence examines how self-awareness can be built across key aspects of coaching practice, introducing a model that will help you make a conscious and deliberate choice for every approach or intervention that you use with your client. For further information click here

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